Oh, hai!

Oh, friends. I’m back! 

After countless hours of reading journal articles, writing draft after draft of papers, and arguing the social constructs of everything-under-the-sun…I’m back. Well, sort of. I actually have to finish my thesis, but the end is in sight. Why isn’t it finished? Good question. I think it’s a even split between procrastination and my recent back surgery, but…it’s coming along. But, I was able to walk at graduation and I’ll have my diploma very soon.

So, what now? Now, I get my life back. I have some employment prospects and many decisions to make, but I’ve got plenty to do in the mean time. I have physical therapy to recover from back surgery, books to catch up on, and a house to organize. If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably got hint. I also want to resurrect the ol’ blog. Specifically, I want to blog about the books I read, the projects I accomplish, and the knitting/crocheting projects I have in progress. I’ll probably add a few topics along the way, but we’ll start here and see where it ends up!

— a.

Currently reading: To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee; audiobook) and Big Little Lies (Liane Moriarty; ebook).


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