My New Adventure

If you’ve paid any attention to my twitter feed lately, you’ve probably noticed tweets about panic attacks and graduate school. While I am nervous at the prospect of returning to academia, I am also positively excited. I am in the middle of my first week of classes and I am a bit overwhelmed, a little tired, but very happy. It’s wonderful being back in an atmosphere of learning, sharing ideas, and engaging in discussion about rhetoric, public relations, ideology, etc. Will this road have bumps? Yes. Will the long nights grow old? Definitely. I feel as though the excitement of being in a graduate program will carry me through the harder times. Or, that’s what I’m telling myself for now…


Currently Reading: Countdown City by Ben Winters; The Resurrectionist by E.B. Hudspeth; and Life After Life by Atkinson (audiobook) …and many, many, many journal articles…


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