A Lesson in Throwing Things Away

Here’s what got this started. A co-worker of mine called and asked if I still had a personality sorter from training in 2010. Three years ago. I got married and moved three times since then. And..yes, I still had the stupid personality sorter. I have to admit my problem: I cannot throw things away.

I keep a great deal of “stuff.” Just this week, I started cleaning out my house and trying to “purge” my closets and tubs of things I can throw away or donate. The problem is that I can’t seem to find a lot of things that I can bring myself to part with. My closet looks like it hasn’t been touched.

I stumbled upon a box full of elementary, middle, and high school mementos on Tuesday that took me down memory lane. There were awards, certificates, essays, etc. These things I will keep because…well, they’re the sort of things you keep. I also found every single graduation card I received in 2006 when I graduated high school. Why was I still holding on to them? I threw all but two of them away (one from my grandmother and one from a friend who would later turn out to be my husband). I found a “thank you” card for a baby gift that I friend had sent me. That baby is now 7.

The point of all of this is that I have too much “stuff.” I want a simple and clean house. I want to have simple table settings and centerpieces. I want to have keepsakes stored away because of their sentimental value. I do not want to end up on an episode of Hoarders (although if Clean House were still on the air, we’d talk…). I want my house to look like a page from Real Simple or  a showroom from Ikea. You get the idea.

So, why am I holding on to all of these things? Why do I have three copies of the same book? Why can’t I donate that dress I haven’t worn in two years? Is this the Curse of the Inputs (StrengthsQuest people know what I’m saying, right?) Can someone come to my house, hold me hand, and show me how to get started?


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