Who Says Vanilla is Boring?

Vanilla gets a bad wrap. “Why eat vanilla ice cream when you could have something with FLAVOR?” It’s a question that so many people ask. And it really makes sense. Vanilla is that “plain Jane,” creamy, white stuff. Right? WRONG.

I love vanilla. Especially anything with Vanilla Bean. I am absolutely in love with Jo-Jo’s. It’s a cookie from Trader Joe’s and the vanilla creme is to-die-for! And it doesn’t stop there. I recently had a vanilla bean scone that knocked my socks off (Yes, I said it. Judge me if you will.).  So when I learned that Quirk was publishing a cook book about Vanilla, I was excited to say the least. I begged my bestie (he doesn’t know he’s my bestie), Eric, to send me a copy. He did not disappoint (this is, obviously, why we are besties).

Shauna Sever, author of Marshmallow Madness, released Pure Vanilla in November, 2012 and I have been blessed with a preview copy.  I am sure it will come in handy during the Holiday season and I know it will make a great Christmas gift (*hint hint*). This book contains recipes, techniques, B-E-A-Utiful photographs of vanilla-based treats. There is advice on making your own vanilla extract and vanilla sugar. I have just finished a batch of my own vanilla extract, and let me tell you…delicious. Pure vanilla goodness (pun intended) without all of the artificial stuff found in store-bought imitation vanilla extract (the word “imitation” should be a clue).

Make sure to check out Quirk’s latest cookbook release. If you are a looking for some last minute gifts for the baker of the family, Pure Vanilla will not disappoint.


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