It’s the End of the World as We Know it….(I had to.)

Okay, okay. It’s NOT the end of the world, but what if you knew when the end would come. Yes, we have had predictions (remember the Myans? Y2K? That bad John Cusack movie?) but no actual proof. 

So, what if scientists discover a giant asteroid headed to Earth and NASA and Bruce Willis were powerless to do anything about it? And what if this asteroid had a precise date of impact? What would you do?

For Detective Palace, you go on with business as usual. In a society where people are turning up dead from suicide on a regular basis, detectives with the Concord Police show up at the scene of the crime, confirm the suicide, and move on. Or, at least, that is the normal procedure. On one particular morning, things didn’t seem quite right about the suicide. And that’s where Ben H. Winters’ novel The Last Policeman begins.

The Last Policeman is part one of a trilogy about Henry Palace, a detective with the Concord Police Department. This book is fantastic. Winters is so descriptive about life in a pre-apocalyptic world. There is sadness, a loss of hope, and despair. Somehow Palace continues on with his daily life because…that’s just what Palace has to do. While the world is falling apart, Henry Palace continues on living life and solving crime. I would definitely recommend this book and I hope the world doesn’t end before Book 2 comes out.

And here is the awesome book poster:



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