Home Sweet Home?

Hubz and I are officially moved in to our first home. We have been for a few weeks, but with the work we have been putting in to everything, there hasn’t been much time to update this blog (because let’s face it — I’m horrible at updating it when I’m not busy, a fact that I think annoys the FarmWife something fierce…).  Well, I’m here now and ready to tell you, dear reader, about my new home.

First things first, the “Rainbow Bright” room.  This is the former living space of a 16-year old girl with an eye for [bright] colors. Each wall was painted a different color — blue, yellow, orange, and pink. Wow. Sixteen year old Audra would have loved this space, but 23-year old Audra using this as a craft room/home office/guest bedroom was a little overwhelmed.  Within a week of living in the new place, this room was primed white and ready to go. The new colors will be Delicious Plum and Water Chesnut. The inspiration came from seeing this. (Please note: I was silly and forgot to take “before pictures” of this room before I primed. Muh bad.)

We also have to update our kitchen. I will post pictures of this renovation, but it’s an “Everything Must GO!” type of renovation in which we gut everything and add back in a few beautiful Martha Stewart cabinets, new tile flooring, and energy efficient appliances. More details to come soon (no, really, I promise to update you soon!).

The next BIG thing to come with the new house is a puppy. My sister-in-law’s boyfriend had Black Lab/German Shepard/Something Else mixed labs, and this little guy (we call him Maverick) just melted our hearts. Now, he’s chewing up our carpet (which we’re going to replace).  We brought Maverick home a few days after the move in.  He’s energetic, playful, and nosy. He also has sharp teeth. He does find himself in trouble quite often (I feel like “Iceman” on most days because we get in a lot of fights. You’ve seen Top Gun, right?).

Remember the scene when Iceman tells Maverick he's dangerous? This is what it feels like for me most days with my pup Maverick.

Our home is a work in progress, but I will be posting pictures as we go. Please be patient. It can take us a while to get these projects done! But, that’s probably enough about me, my house, and my pup. Come back soon for more of the home renovations, painting adventures, and tales of scraping wallpaper borders.


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