Adventures in Home Ownership — The Introduction

Hubz and I are Property Virgins.  Our limited knowledge of buying a house comes from the New Home Owners line up on HGTV.  Sometime before Christmas, we decided we would start looking for a home to call our own.  Preferably one with more than one bedroom, one bathroom, and a washer/dryer combo that did not stack and only allowed us to wash 3 pairs of jeans at one time.

And so the search begin. We started off wide-eyed and dreamy and thought we knew what we were doing.  We started searching for houses online and collecting local reality magazines to see what was offered.  Within a week, we found a perfect house.  It was 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, had a beautiful porch, and as an added bonus,  an extra building in the back for storage.  So we contacted the realtor to view the house.  And then our little dreams were crushed when we got the bad news — the house was under contract.

This happened several more times before we found homes that were available.  These houses were doozies.  Some needed new a new roof, the appliances were old, or the floors were creaky (and had been installed incorrectly).  With only a certain sum set aside for a down payment, we didn’t want to buy a place that would require a lot of work.  Meaning, we want to use our money wisely… A few updates here and there are fine, but we have no desire to tear apart a kitchen and remodel it.

So, then we found Brian Street.  But it was for sale by owner…which is scary. Especially if you haven’t purchased a home before and you don’t know if you’re getting a good deal or if you’re being taken for a ride.  Then we found out that the owner of Brian Street was a realtor, which made us feel better about the situation.  So we viewed the house…and absolutely lost it.  It was ah..may…zing! Beautiful. Long story short, we put in an offer, played the game, and eventually…SHE ACCEPTED our offer.  (What?!)

So, now we’re in the process of signing the contract, getting things in order, and waiting for the closing date (which unfortunately will probably be in June…It’s unfortunate because I practically live there in my mind already…)

So now it’s out in the open.  I realize that I covered a lot very quickly…But who wants the boring details of real estate games?  Now, we get to pick out furniture. And there’s nothing boring about that, eh?


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Home Ownership — The Introduction

  1. I am so excited about your new house. It’s lovely. Do you think it would be weird if I drove by each week when I go to town? You might want to warn the current owner that your crazed cousin is stalking your new home. 🙂 Yeah for June & yeah for moving day! I can say that since I’m not the one moving.

    • You may not be moving, but you might be helping!!! Bah ha haaaa!!!

      And seriously, I already have intentions of decorating the front room with a British theme. I’m thinking Jane Austen, Beatles, Telephone Boxes (I found a telephone box media cabinet), Doctor Who(s), etc. all over that room.

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